community groups

Community Groups are the next step for every person at Perrow who wants to grow in their faith.  These groups practice our community values of prayer, care, fellowship, and Bible study.

  • Sunday morning group - 1

    When:  Sunday Mornings (9-10:00AM)    

    Where:  At Perrow                    

    Who:  Mark Adessa leads this group. While the material is tailored to adults who are mature in their faith, new believers are welcome and will definitely benefit from the discussion. Child care is not available, and some outside Bible reading and hand out review is encouraged.

  • sunday morning group - 2

    When:  Sunday Mornings (9-10AM)

    Where:  At Perrow

    Who:  John Young leads a Biblical precepts group.  Precepts, as it relates to the Bible, is a study of what God says through His Word, and how it is to be applied in our lives.  As such, it is relevant to both new and mature believers.

  • sunday evening group

    When:  Sunday Evenings (6-7:30PM)

    Where:  510 Beagle Run, Cross Lanes, WV 25313   

    Who:  Keith and Trina Crewdson lead this group of multiple generations of believers in prayer, care, fellowship, and Bible study.

    This group is open to anyone, though parents and their children (any age) are encouraged to attend together.  Also if the kids want to bring along friends from outside of the church, that is welcomed and encouraged.  Call (304) 549-2276 for more info.

  • wednesday morning bible study

    When:  Wednesdays (11AM-1:30PM)     

    Where:  At Perrow

    Who:  Cecilia Young is leading a precepts Community Group for women called “Lord Give Me a Heart for You.”  Please contact her at 304.776.1311for more details.  As of now there is no childcare, but it may be provided if needed.  

  • wednesday evening group

    When:  Wednesday Evenings (6-7:30PM)

    Where:  This group alternates between two locations throughout the month.  Discussion is based on the application of what was learned from the sermon.

    Who:  Contact Beau Sizemore at 304-545-8236.