Community Groups

Gospel Communities

Community Groups provide context for discipleship. Within these small groups, men and women strengthen the spiritual muscle of prayer. They care for the needs of one another, as Christ commanded. They develop deep, Gospel-driven friendships, wherein we can, with great love and care, hold one another accountable to holiness.

Community Groups are Missional

The overflow of joy that results from receiving the truth of the gospel, results in a heart to serve the Kingdom of God. In Community Groups, we help one another discover our place in Christ’s Great Commission, by “stirring each other to good works”, and practice Matthew 28:4 to make disciples of all nations.

To summarize, we experience Holy Spirit encouragement through prayer, care, companionship, and mission with each other, as we are continually transformed into the image of Christ through mutual ministry as the family of God.

We have several groups that meet throughout the week. To discover which one works best for you, use the contact form below, or calls us at 304.776.1511





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