Volunteer at Perrow

A Heart to Serve

By grace, the Spirit of God has awakened us to faith and abides within us. Trusting that God is working in us for our joy, we invite you to join together with us in serving one another in deeds of mercy and love in the strength that God supplies. Here are some areas where you might find a good place to jump in and be a part of our mission.


Welcome Team – Contact Teresa Dean at t.dean@perrowchurch.com
Worship and Tech Team – Contact Beau Sizemore at b.sizemore@perrowchurch.com
Children’s Ministry – Contact Trina Crewdson at tcrewdson@live.com
Building Maintenance – Contact Teresa Dean at t.dean@perrowchurch.com



5345 Big Tyler Road

Cross Lanes, WV 25560


Services begin at 10:30 AM

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